WR-400-13 - M816 5 Ton 6x6 Wrecker Recovery Truck  


Year:   1971
Model:   M816
Engine:   NHC 250 CUMMINS
Fuel Type:   Diesel
Tire Condition:   Good
Mileage:   47,081
Hours:   692
Transmission:   5 Speed
Transfer Case:   2 Speed
Extras:   Hard Top, Heater, 20K Front Winch, 45K Rear Winch, 20K Rotating Boom Swing

M816 Military 6x6 Wrecker Truck is used to return disabled vehicles for repair, and to free stuck vehicles. The vehicle crane is hydraulically-powered, engine-driven and is used for lifting operations of up to 20,000 pounds; it can extend 10 to 18 feet. The front winch is used for freeing a vehicle or for assisting the heavy duty rear winch by acting as an anchor point.
Price:   SOLD


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