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Vehicles Built for the Military to the Highest Standards to withstand the Brutal Punishment handed out during Combat Operations. Used by many branches including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Local Reserve Units.

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6x6 Military Cargo Trucks for sale. Fully Reconditioned Military and Army Cargo and Troop Carrier Vehicles. M813, M923, M925, M927, M928 and more.

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Fully Reconditioned 5 Ton 6x6 Military Wrecker / Recovery Trucks for sale

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Military Dump Trucks for sale. Fully Reconditioned 5 Ton 6x6 Military Dump Trucks and M917 20 Ton Military Dump Trucks. M817, M929, and M929A2 Dump Trucks and Military Vehicles for sale.

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Military Tractor Trucks for sale. 6x6 5 Ton Military Trucks, Military HET Trucks for sale, M911, M915, M916, M920, and M1070.