Main Load Contactor Circuit Breaker

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Main Load Contactor Circuit Breaker

  • Military Part Number: 70-501
  • Military Description:


  • National Stock Number (NSN): 5945-01-021-2898, 5945010212898
  • Federal Supply Class (FSC): 5945 (Relays and Solenoids)
  • National Item Identification Number (NIIN): 010212898
  • Federal Stock Number (FSN): 5945-021-2898, 59450212898
  • Alternate Numbers: 70-501-1, 70-501-2, HB200A
  • CAGE numbers: 50603

Main Load Contactor for 15kw, 30kw and 60KW MEP Military Generators. Many of the NOS parts have broken plastic protective covers as shown in photos but will function properly.

This item fits the following series and models of equipment:


MEP004A , MEP004A KZOOO1 thru Z01226 , MEP103A , MEP113A , MEP113A Serial Numbers RZ60001 and subs


MEP005A , MEP005A Serial Numbers KZ00001 thru KZ02752 , MEP104A , MEP104A Serial Numbers KZ00001 thru KZ02752 , MEP114A , MEP114A Serial Numbers RZ70001 and sub.


MEP006A , MEP105A , MEP115A

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