HEMTT Maintenance Kit (Detroit Engine)

HEMTT Maintenance Kit (Detroit Engine)

  • Military Part Number: 5SK334
  • Military Description:

    Maintenance Kit, Vehicular

  • National Stock Number (NSN): 4910-01-591-4454, 4910015914454
  • Federal Supply Class (FSC): 4910 (Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment)
  • National Item Identification Number (NIIN): 015914454
  • Federal Stock Number (FSN): 4910-591-4454, 49105914454
  • CAGE numbers: 0,0,0,0

HEMTT Maintenance Kit for vehicles equipped with Detroit Diesel Engines

Includes oil, primary and secondary air, fuel, fuel water separator, hydraulic filter (in tank), hydraulic filter external, filter bypass screen, transmission filters, gaskets, washers, lock washers, seals, spacers and packing.

This item fits the following series and models of equipment:

M977 HEMTT (10-Ton 8X8)

M977 W/WINCH , M977 WO/WINCH , M978 W/WINCH , M978 WO/WINCH , M983 , M984 , M984A1 , M985 W/WINCH , M985 WO/WINCH , M985E1