5 Ton Expansible Van Box Ground Supports

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5 Ton Expansible Van Box Ground Supports

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  • Military Part Number: 7534672
  • Military Description:

    JACK: leveling vehicle

  • National Stock Number (NSN): 5120-00-566-0617, 5120005660617
  • Federal Supply Class (FSC): 5120 (Hand Tools, Non-Edged, Non-Powered)
  • National Item Identification Number (NIIN): 005660617
  • Federal Stock Number (FSN): 5120-566-0617, 51205660617

Ground Support Leveling Jack. Basic Issue Item for M291, M820, and M934 Expansible Van Trucks.

This item fits the following series and models of equipment:

M39 / M54 Series (5-Ton)

M291A2 , M291A2C , M291A2D

M809 Series (5-Ton)

M820 , M820A1 , M820A2

M939 Series (5-Ton)

M934 , M934A1 , M934A2

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