Winch Winder Needle Bearing

Winch Winder Needle Bearing

  • Military Part Number: MS17131-29
  • Military Description:


  • National Stock Number (NSN): 3110-00-157-0531, 3110001570531
  • Federal Supply Class (FSC): 3110 (Bearings, Antifriction Unmounted)
  • National Item Identification Number (NIIN): 001570531
  • Federal Stock Number (FSN): 3110-157-0531, 31101570531

Front Winch Winder Pivot Needle Bearing on 5 Ton Military Wrecker/Recovery Vehicles. Also Torque Converter Needle Bearing on Military Rough Terrain Forklifts.

This item fits the following series and models of equipment:

M39 / M54 Series (5-Ton)

M246 , M543A2 , M62

M809 Series (5-Ton)

M816 , M819 , M821

M939 Series (5-Ton)

M936 , M936A1 , M936A2