12V Alternator for M1070 (Engine Mounted Rear)

12V Alternator for M1070 (Engine Mounted Rear)

  • Military Part Number: A001 4806J8
  • Military Description:


  • National Stock Number (NSN): 2920-01-337-9236, 2920013379236
  • Federal Supply Class (FSC): 2920 (Engine Electrical System Components, Non-Aircraft-10)
  • National Item Identification Number (NIIN): 013379236
  • Federal Stock Number (FSN): 2920-337-9236, 29203379236
  • CAGE numbers: 35510

12 Volt 145 Amp Alternator (14v) for M1070 (Engine Mounted Rear). This is one of two alternators on the M1070 Oshkosh Truck HET. The front engine mounted alternator is 24 volt. See related items for the 24v front engine mounted alternator. 

This item fits the following series and models of equipment:

M1070 HET 8X8 (23-Ton)


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