Military Vehicle Identification

MLT6-2 TRUCK, LIFT, FORK: Type Classification DED, PT, RT, 6,000 Lb

NSN: 3930-00-327-1575

TM numbers:


Expanded Description:

Replaces: MLT-6
Model Number: MLT6-2
Life Expectancy: 11 Years
Army Model: MHE-230
Production Year: 1976
NSN: 3930-00-327-1575
Air Transportability: Phase Ill
LIN: X48914
SSN: M48901
TM: 10-3930-634-Series
Engine: Detroit Diesel
Model: 5043-7000
Type: Diesel, 4-53N, 4 cyl
Horsepower: 139 bhp @ 2,800 rpm
Transmission: Automatic, 4 speeds
Electrical System: 24 Volt
Tires: Pneumatic, 17.5 x 25
Brakes: Hydraulic, expanding tube type
Speed Ranges (mph):
1st: 0 - 4 mph
2nd: 3 - 7 1/2 mph
3rd: 5 - 14 mph
4th: 12 - 30 mph
Outside Steering Radius:
Cramp Mode: 30 ft
Two-Wheel Steer Mode: 43 ft
Fording: Up to 5 ft (Surf)
Weight: 24,560 lb
Cube: 1,760 cu ft
1,763 CU ft (W/ROPS)
Ground Clearance: 16 5/8 in
DSA 700-74-C-8869
Anthony Co.
Maximum Speed: 30 mph

Additional Notes:

The rough terrain forklift truck is capable of operating over all types of terrain. It is equipped with front and rear axle steering which enables it to move sideways at 20° angles and gives the truck a shorter turning radius. The truck is also equipped with with two-wheel and four-wheel drive, enabling it to travel through mud, snow, sand and steep grades with equal facility. The body and forks of the truck maybe tilted right or left in relation to the front axle. The forks are extended by hydraulically-operated, telescoping arms which reach out, up, or down to handle loads. A hydraulic cylinder moves the forks right or left of center to lift off-center loads. The truck has expanding- tube type hydraulic brakes, hydraulically-operated power steering and a torque converter.