6x6 & 8X8 Military Cargo Trucks

6x6 Military Cargo Trucks for sale. Fully Reconditioned Military and Army Cargo and Troop Carrier Vehicles. M813, M923, M925, M927, M928 and more.



This M923A1 Military Cargo Truck was manufactured by AM General and is equipped with a Cummins NHC-250 Diesel Engine and an Allison Automatic Transmission. This vehicle has only 1941 miles! This M923A1 has a 14-Foot cargo box with drop-sides for easy loading/unloading of equipment and troop seats.  Equipped with like new Goodyear Tires and Anti-Lock Brakes. No kidding, this truck is in new condition and is ready to be put to work!  We have troop/cargo covers available also!


M927 XLWB Extra Long Wheel Base 6X6 Cargo Truck

Fully Reconditioned M927 Military Cargo Truck on 16.00R20 Michelin XZL Super Single Tires, with ABS brakes. This Truck Features the Awesome Allison 5 Speed Automatic Transmission, Cummins Power, 6WD and a 20 Foot Cargo Box with Extra Long Wheelbase Chassis and Fish Plated Frame.  These trucks are VERY hard to find and don't last long.  

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M927 XLWB Extra Long Wheel Base Cargo Truck (C-200-131)

Fully Reconditioned M927 (Extra Long Wheelbase) Military Cargo Truck with 14.00R20 Michelin XZL Super Single Tires and ABS. This Truck is equipped with a Cummins 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine, Allison 5 Speed Automatic Transmission, a 2 Speed transfer Case, 6WD, a 20 Foot Cargo Box and Extra Long Wheelbase Chassis with a Fish Plated Frame.  This vehicle has only 12,881 miles and just 960 hours.  These trucks are rare and very much in demand.

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Check out our reconditioning process for 6x6 & 8X8 Military Cargo Trucks!

Quality is Job One!!

Oshkosh Equipment Sales goes the extra mile to make your vehicle stand out from the rest. Many parts and components of your vehicle are replaced or re-built regardless of condition. We know you want your equipment to work for you trouble free for a long time, and we take steps to help guarantee that it does. 

You will find we excel in the market with very high standards and un-matched quality, service and support. Our experienced crew is here to work for you.....

Each vehicle gets the following new parts regardless of condition along with numerous other parts that do not pass inspection:

Hydraulic Systems
-Master Cylinder
-Wheel Cylinders
-Flex Lines
Air Systems
-Relay Valves
-Quick Release Valves
-Air Brake Diaphragms
-Tractor Protection Valve (When Applicable)
-Flexible Air Brake Hoses

*Hub Seals
*Axle Seals
*Fan Belts
*Coolant Hoses
*Fuel Hoses
*All Filters
*All Fluids for Engine and Drive Train

Each vehicle has the radiator removed and is flushed and cleaned along with the cooling system. All drive train gear boxes and axles are drained, inspected and re-filled with new fluids. Any weeping or leaking seals are replaced if there is any sign of leakage in the past. When applicable, the tires on the vehicles are upgraded to the Single Configuration improving top speed, traction and floatation. This wheel configuration also eliminates packing of mud or clay between the dual wheels on the rear. 

The rest of the vehicle is checked and inspected to insure all gauges, instruments, controls and lighting are all fully operational. A full road test is then done to ensure the vehicle is up to OES standards. The vehicle is then sanded and painted inside, outside and underneath to protect from the elements these vehicles encounter throughout their lifetime.

We know you have other choices in the market and work hard to make VALUE our number one concern so you can go to work with your vehicle instead of working on your vehicle. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to working for you and I am confident you will find the value in our products.

Thank You,
Chris Strobel


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