Electrical Parts

Connectors, Plugs, Switches, Solenoids, Lights, Cables, Glow Plugs, Horns, Starters, Wires and Wiring Harness Military Truck Parts for Sale.  M715 Kaiser Jeep, Military Multi-Fuel Trucks, and AM General M809 and M939 5 Ton Truck Parts.

Oil Pressure Gauge 0-120 PSI

Oil Pressure Gauge 0-120 PSI. Used on M39, M44, M809 and M939 Series Vehicles with Electric Oil Pressure Gauge


Oil Pressure Gauge 0-60 PSI

0-60 PSI Oil Pressure Gauge used in Military Trucks and Equipment. 


Battery Condition Volt Gauge

Battery Condition Gage. This Volt Meter is used on Many Military Vehicles and Equipment


Fuel Level Indicator Gauge Meter (Gas Diesel)

Fuel Level Indicator Gauge for most military Trucks and Equipment


Ampere (AMP) Gauge for early CJ Jeeps and Willy's MB

2" Inline Amp Meter. Used on Early Jeep CJ and MB Models. Used on 1941-1964 MB, 1941-1964 MB, 1941-1945 GPW, 1946-1949 CJ2A, 1949-1953 CJ3A, 1953-1964 CJ3B. To be used direct inline without Shunt


Fuel Tank Sending Unit

Fuel Tank Sending Unit. Used on M44 (M35) Series 2.5 ton Deuce Military Trucks


Fuel Level Tank Sending Unit (Sender)

Fuel Tank Sending Unit for all M39, M809 and M939 Military Trucks. New mounting screws available in related items below


Water Temperature Sender (Sending Unit)

Temperature Sending Unit used on Many Military Vehicles, Generators and Trucks. Fits M39, M44, M35, M809, M939 Series trucks and others.


Autolite Spark Plugs (4)

4 Spark Plugs for Jeep MB and Early CJ


Distributor Cap

Distributor Cap for 4-Cylinder Engine



Spark Plug Wire Set M151

Military Spec Spark Plug Ignition Wire Set. Used on M151 Willys Jeep. Radio Suppressed and Water Proof. Made in U.S.A.


Spark Plug Wire Set M38

Military Spec Spark Plug Ignition Wire Set (Four). Used on M38 Willys Jeep. Radio Suppressed and Water Proof


Spark Plug Wire Set M38A1

Military Spec Spark Plug Ignition Wire Set. Used on M38A1 Willys Jeep. Radio Suppressed and Water Proof. Made in U.S.A.


Turn Signal Control Directional Light Switch

Military Vehicle Directional Light Switch. This Turn Signal switch fits many Military Vehicles including the 2.5 ton M35 and the 5 Ton M54, M809 and M939 Series Trucks.

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Directional Light Flasher Control Box

Turn Signal Flasher for most Military Vehicles. Solid State... Fits M35, M39, M809, M939, M150, M37 HMMWV and more


Flasher, Turn Signal

Turn Signal Flasher used on M915 and M915A1 Military Vehicles


Headlight Switch

Head Light Switch for M915 Series Military Trucks


Three Lever Headlight Switch

Three Lever Light Switch used on Most Military Vehicles Including 2.5 Ton M35, 5-Ton M54, M809, M939 series along with CUCV, Gama Goat, M151, M715, Rough Terrain Forklifts and many other Military Trucks and Vehicles.


Handle for Three Lever Headlight Switch

Lever for 3 Lever Head light Switch.


On / Off / Battery / Auxiliary Switch (4-plug)

On/Off Ignition / Battery / Auxiliary Switch (4-plug) for M35, M939, M151 and other Military Equipment.