Electrical Parts

Connectors, Plugs, Switches, Solenoids, Lights, Cables, Glow Plugs, Horns, Starters, Wires and Wiring Harness Military Truck Parts for Sale.  M715 Kaiser Jeep, Military Multi-Fuel Trucks, and AM General M809 and M939 5 Ton Truck Parts.

On / Off / Battery / Auxiliary Switch (4-plug)

On/Off Ignition / Battery / Auxiliary Switch (4-plug) for M35, M939, M151 and other Military Equipment. 


On/Off/Start Switch Ignition and Auxiliary (3-plug)

3 Position On/Off/Start Ignition Switch used on Many Military Trucks and Equipment. Fits M809, M939, HMMWV and others


Ignition, Battery or Accessory Switch Handle

Replacement Switch Lever Handle for Rotary Switches on Most M-Series Military Vehicles


Start Switch

Push Button Start switch used on most Military Trucks and equipment including Rough Terrain forklifts. See Manuals links below for fit. May fit other Military Equipment.


Fuel Level Tank Selector Switch - Flood Light and Warning Light Switch

Fuel Level Tank Selector Switch - Flood Light and Warning Light Switch. Used on M39, M809 and M939 Series 5-Ton Military Trucks

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Heater Fan Speed Switch

Heater Fan Speed Switch. Used on M939 Series 5-Ton Military 6x6 Trucks

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Headlight Dimmer Switch w / Metal Connectors

Headlight Dimmer Foot Switch for Older M-Series Military Vehicles using the Metal Cup Style Electrical Connectors. Fits M38A1, M37, M39 Series and More

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Headlight Dimmer Switch w / Rubber Connectors

Headlamp dimmer switch for Military Trucks and Vehicles using the rubber shell connectors.

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Brake Light Switch

Brakelight Switch. Used on Military HMMWV and M151 Willys Jeep


Parking Brake Light Switch

NOS Parking Brake Handle Electrical Switch


Directional Light Switch (Turn Signal)

Replacement Directional Light Switch used on M915 Series AM General and M911 Oshkosh Trucks. May fit many other applications.


Winch Engage Switch (Winch Control Station)

Winch Engage Switch mounted on the Winch Control Station. Fits M911 C-HET Oshkosh Truck Corporation along with other applications

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Engine Stop Switch for Winch Operator Station

Engine Stop Switch for Winch Control Station. Fits 911 C-HET Oshkosh Trucks Corporation and other applications

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Ignition Switch

Ignition Switch. Used on M915 and M915A1 Military Vehicles

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Key and Lock Tumbler Cylinder

Ignition Switch Key and Lock Cylinder. Fits M915 and M915A1 Military Trucks


Over temp Temperature Warning Switch

Over temp Temperature Warning Switch. Fits M911 C-HET Oshkosh Truck Corporation


Low Air Pressure Switch

Low Air Pressure Switch for M35, M39 and M809 Series Military Vehicles.


Low Air Pressure Warning Indicator Light / Lamp

Low Air Pressure Indicator Warning Light for M915 and M915A1 Series Military Trucks


Backup / Brake Light Switch

Backup Light Switch for M977 Series, M915 Series, M35A3 / M44A3 and Brake Light Switch for M44A1/M44A2 and 6x6 Engage Light Switch for M939 Series Military Trucks.


Switch Electrical Connector Plug

Switch Connector Plug (Pack of 10)?. Used for Brake Light Switch on M35, 6x6 Engage Light Switch on M939, Fuel Pump Connector on M54 and M35, Starter Switch on M54, M35 and Rough Terrain Forklifts and Back up Light Switch for M35A3. May have other applications