Electrical Parts

Connectors, Plugs, Switches, Solenoids, Lights, Cables, Glow Plugs, Horns, Starters, Wires and Wiring Harness Military Truck Parts for Sale.  M715 Kaiser Jeep, Military Multi-Fuel Trucks, and AM General M809 and M939 5 Ton Truck Parts.

Front Blackout Marker Light (Amber Lens)

Universal Front Blackout Marker Light with Amber Lens for Military Trucks and Trailers.


24V Spot Work Light

Universal 24 (28) Volt Spot Light / Work Light / Flood Light. 

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Halogen Headlight Headlamp Head Light Lamp Bulb

Sealed Beam Halogen Headlight Bulb. Used on M1078 Stewart and Stevenson FMTV 5 Ton and M1083 Stewart and Stevenson LMTV 2.5 Ton Military Trucks

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Slave Cable Receptacle Plug

Slave Cable Receptacle Plug Connector used on Military Vehicles and Equipment to plug in new style Slave Cable.

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Ignition Switch Start Stop Run

Start Stop Run Ignition Switch. Used on M1070 and M977 HEMTT Oshkosh Truck Military Trucks. Also fits 4K MHE 270 and MHE 271 Military Rough Terrain Forklift


Electromagnetic Relay 12V

Electric Relay Used on M915, M915A2, M915A3 and M915A4 Military Vehicles. 12V

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LED Headlight Headlamp Assembly

DOT Approved Replacement LED Headlight Assembly. Fits HMMWV, M939 Series, M39 Series, M44 Series and Many other Military Vehicles. See fits below under more info tab.

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Horn Button

Replacement Horn Button. Used on M44, M39, M809 and M939 Series Military Trucks with this style horn button. See pictures for details

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Fuel Shut Off Solenoid

Engine Stop - Electric Fuel Shut-off Solenoid. (24V) Used on M939A2 Series 5 Ton Military Trucks with Cummins 8.3 Turbo Diesel Engine


24V Alternator for M1070 and M977 HEMTT (Engine Mounted Front)

24 Volt 130 Amp Alternator (28v) for M1070 (Engine Mounted Front). This is one of two alternators on the M1070 Oshkosh Truck HET. The rear engine mounted alternator is 12 volt. Also Used on M977 HEMTT series vehicles. This item is shipped from the vendor and subject to availability.  There will typically be a 3-5 day lead time prior to shipping.  See related items for the 12 Volt rear engine mounted alternator. 



12V Alternator for M1070 (Engine Mounted Rear)

12 Volt 145 Amp Alternator (14v) for M1070 (Engine Mounted Rear). This is one of two alternators on the M1070 Oshkosh Truck HET. The front engine mounted alternator is 24 volt. See related items for the 24v front engine mounted alternator. 


ABS Brake System Wiring Harness

ABS Brake System Wiring Harness. Used on M939 5-Ton 6X6 Military Vehicles


24V to 12V Military Truck to CIVLIAN Trailer Light Converter Cable

• 12 Volts @ 20 Amps (240 watts lighting power)

• Surge Suppression

• Overload Protection

• Automatic Reset

• Water-proof

• Plug & Play (no wire cutting or splicing)

The Standard Converter Cable has a 7-Way RV style trailer connector mounted in a waterproof box and a 6’ 12 pin NATO style cable that plugs directly into any standard military truck’s trailer socket.


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Engine Wire Harness

Engine Wiring Harness. For Humvee with 6.2 L Diesel Engine (HMMWV)

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2 Pin Slave Cable

Vietnam Era 2-Pin Slave Jumper Cable. Can be used with NATO Adapters on newer Military Vehicles and Equipment

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LED Tail Light (Tan)

LED Tail Light with Tan Housing. Used on Military Vehicles and Trailers. This LED Version will directly replace the Standard Composite Light. 

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Thermo Fan Switch

Thermo Switch for  HMMWV  Part Numbers: 12338599, 9705400, 5594181. NSN: 5930012377322