Generator Set Control Panel Parts

Thermal Watt Converters, Gauges, Indicator Panels, and other Control Panel parts for Military Generators. 3kW MEP-016A Parts, 5kW MEP-002A and MEP-017A Parts. 10kW Military Diesel and Gas Generators, 15kW, 30kW, 60kW, 100kW Diesel Generator Parts and many more.

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Thermal Watt Converter / Transducer (QB)

Thermal Watt Converter / Transducer. Used in 15KW, 30KW, 60KW, 100KW, 200KW and 500KW Military Diesel Generators. All Alternate Part Numbers have been replaced with this part number

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Fault Indicator Panel

Fault Locating Indicator Panel. Used on 15KW, 30KW, 60KW, 100KW and 200KW Military Diesel Generators


Control Panel A4 Relay Assembly Circuit Board

Control Panel Relay Assembly (A4). Used in 15KW, 30KW, 60KW, 100KW and 200KW Military Diesel Generators

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Control Cabinet Circuit Board

Generator Circuit Board (NOS) New Old Stock. Fits 10KW Gasoline Powered Military Generator Set

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Circuit Breaker (Push Pull 7.5 Amp)

Push Pull DC Circuit Breaker. Used on Most Military Generator Sets

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Military Generator Auto-Start Conversion Kit

Auto Start Conversion Kit for MEP Military Generators. Comes with Required Relays and Wiring Instructions. This kit will allow your MEP Generator to start automatically with a signal from an auto transfer switch or a remote mounted switch that you control manually. Installation can be completed by persons familiar with simple wiring schematics.

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Frequency Transducer Matched Set 50/60 Hz

Frequency Meter Gauge Matched Set for 50/60 Hz 15kW, 30kW, 60kW, 100kW, 200kW and 500kW Military Diesel Generators.

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Coolant Temperature Meter Gauge

Coolant Temperature Gauge for MEP Military Diesel Generators.


Percent Power Kilowatt Meter / Gauge

Percent Power / Killowatt Meter. Used on most Military Diesel Generator Sets

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Replacement Panel Hertz Meter (55-65)

This Meter will replace the Matched Set Meter/Transducer on Military Diesel Generator from 15KW to 200KW. Comes with installation instructions. 15 minute install. Exact fit in same hole as round gauge. See Related items below for Original Equipment Type.

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Generator Panel AC Volt Meter Gauge

Replacement Volt Meter for Most Military Generators. Exact fit in same hole as original meter. New Replacement (0-600V) ... Used Gauges (0-500V)

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Control Box Electric Heater

Control Box Electric Heater. Used on Military Diesel Generators with Electric Block Heater


Panel Volt Meter Gauge 0-300 Volts

Replacement Volt Meter for 5KW and 10KW Military Generators. Exact fit in same hole as original meter


Percent Rated Current Amp Meter Gauge

Percent Rated current amp meter. Used on Military Diesel Generators. See fits categories below for your application

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Battery Charge DC Ammeter Gauge

Battery Charge DC Ammeter. Used in Most Military Diesel Generators. See fits categories below for your application


Battery Condition Volt Gauge

Battery Condition Gage. This Volt Meter is used on Many Military Vehicles and Equipment


Fuel Level Gauge

Fuel Level Gauge for Military Diesel Generators

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Oil Pressure Gauge 0-80 PSI

Oil Pressure Gauge 0-80 PSI. Used on 5KW, 10KW, 15KW and 60KW Military Generator in the 800 Series

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Oil Pressure Gauge 0-120 PSI

Oil Pressure Gauge 0-120 PSI. Used on 60KW, 100KW and 200 KW Military Diesel Generator Sets


Frequency Meter Gauge 400Hz

Frequency Meter 400Hz. Used on High Cycle Military Diesel Generators