Governor Control Unit and Related Parts

Manual and Electronic Speed Control Parts. Throttle Cables and Governor Parts for Military Generators. 10 kW MEP003A and MEP112A. 200 kW MEP009A, MEP108A, MEP009B and many more.

Throttle Cable (Governor Manual Control)

Replacement Throttle Cable for the MEP 007A & MEP007B Military Generator Sets.

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Throttle Cable (Governor Manual Control)

Manual Speed Control Cable. Used on MEP006A Military Generator

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Manual Speed Control (Throttle Cable used on 15KW and 30KW Military Generators. Please Specify Model of Generator When Ordering

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Military Generator Auto-Start Conversion Kit

Auto Start Conversion Kit for MEP Military Generators. Comes with Required Relays and Wiring Instructions. This kit will allow your MEP Generator to start automatically with a signal from an auto transfer switch or a remote mounted switch that you control manually. Installation can be completed by persons familiar with simple wiring schematics.

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Electronic Speed Control Unit / Governor

Electronic Speed Control Unit / Governor. Used on Precise Models of 15KW, 30KW and 60KW Military Generators

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Electric Governor Actuator

Electric Servo Governor Actuator. Used on 15KW, 30KW and 60KW Precise Military Diesel Generator Sets

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Cascade Auto Start Module

Auto Start Module. Used to convert Military Generators to Auto Start. See Related items for Kit including other parts and instructions for installation

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Governor Solenoid Oil Valve

Electric Solenoid Below the Governor. Used on MEP009A and MEP007A Military Generators with CAT D333 and D343 Diesel Engine

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Woodward Governor Speed Controller Universal

Universal Governor Controller. Speed Control Compatible with many types of Generators

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Throttle Cable Ball Bearing

Replacement Ball for Throttle Cables on Military Generator Sets.

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Generator Governor Control Unit Magnetic Pickup

Magnetic Pickup for Electronic Governor Control Unit. Used on 15KW, 30KW, 60KW and 100KW Military Diesel Generators with Electronic Governor. Includes Models MEP105A, MEP115A, MEP114A, MEP104A, MEP113A, MEP103A, MEP007B and MEP116B

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