Switches, Valves, Relays and Solenoids

Check Valves, Air Valves, Switches, Relays, and Solenoids for Military Trailers. Parts for M872 and M872A3 34-Ton Military Trailers. M747 60 Ton Trailer parts and more.

Emergency Valve

Emergency Valve for M872A3 Military Trailers.


Air Suspension Control Pneumatic Valve

Air Suspension Control Pneumatic Valve. Used on M747 60 Ton Lowboy Equipment Trailer


Brass Check Valve (3/8")

Brass Check Valve. Used on M970 AND M970A1 Military Trailers. Universal Applications for Check Valve with 3/8" Pipe Thread


Double Check Valve

Double Check Valve for Military Trucks and Trailers including M911, M939 Series, M977 HEMTT, M1070 HET