Batteries, Cables, Lugs and Terminal Ends

Battery Cables, Terminal Ends, Slave Cables, Jumper Cables, Etc. Military Aircraft Tug parts for sale. PSI and American Coleman MB4 Aircraft Tugs. MT3 and U-30 Military Tow Tractor parts.

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Battery Cable 24

24 inch battery cable

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20' Slave Cable Jumper Cable

20 Foot Military Slave Cable (Jumper Cable). Used with Military Vehicles and Equipment to Jump Start Engines. Adapters to older 2 pin Slave Receptacles are available separately. See Related Items


Slave Cable Connector Adapter

Slave Cable Connector Adapter. Slave
 Cables sold separately. See Related Items

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Battery Terminal Lug Connector (Negative)

Military Specification (Mil-Spec) Negative Battery Terminal Lug Adapter for all Military Trucks, Generators and Forklifts.