Wheels / Rims

Military Vehicle Wheels and Rims for sale. New and Used Rims, Valve Stems, O-Rings, and more. Discount wheels for sale, 20 inch rims for Military 6x6 Trucks, Budd Wheel Rims, Two-Piece and Three-Piece HEMTT Wheels and Combat Wheels for sale.

14.00R20 Goodyear AT-2A Tire on Combat Wheel

1400R20 AT-2A Goodyear Tire on Combat Wheel. Original Equipment on 5 Ton A1 and A2 Series.

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11.00R20 Michelin XZL Tire on Wheel 100% Tread

1100R20 Michelin XZL Tire on Wheel for 5 Ton Military Trucks.These tires are listed as used serviceable due to being mounted on the wheel but have never been rolled on a vehicle.

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11.00R20 Goodyear G177 Tires on Wheels

Goodyear G177 1100R20 Goodyear Tires on wheel with 90% tread. Fits M39, M809, and M939 Series 5 Ton Trucks. Tires listed as NOS are New Old Stock tire on wheel with 100% Tread


Inner Tube Flap Wheel Rim Liner

Inner tube flap for 10.00R20 (1000R20), 11.00R20 (1100x20), 12.00R20 (1200x20) Military Tires on 5 ton and 2.5 ton Military Trucks and other vehicles.

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Large Bore Valve Stem for MRAP and M35A3 Wheels / Rims

Large Bore Valve Stem for MRAP and M35A3 Military Truck Wheels and Rims and other Equipment using a 13/16" Bore Valve Stem Hole. Overall length is 6.5 inches. See Related items for 5 Ton Combat Wheel Valve Stem

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2-Piece Combat Wheel W/ Valve Stem

New Old Stock 2-Piece Tubeless Combat Wheel. Includes nuts, bolts, O-ring and New Valve Stem. Fits 5 Ton 6x6 Military Trucks.


HEMTT Valve Stem Gasket Seal

Seal for HEMTT Wheel Valve Stem.

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2-Piece Combat Wheel

New Old Stock 2-Piece Tubeless Combat Wheel. Includes nuts bolts and O-ring. Fits 5 Ton 6x6 Military Trucks.


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Michelin Valve Stem for HEMTT Tube Type Tires / Wheels

Replacement Valve Stem with Sel for Michelin Inner Tube used on HEMTT Military Trucks with tube type wheels. 


M989 Trailer Wheel / Rim

Wheel / Rim. 19.5 x 12.25. Used on M989 Military Ammunition Trailer. Wheels are unused but have had tires mounted previously. 

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M1070 Wheel Assembly

2 Piece Wheel Assembly. Used on M1070 Military Trucks with CTIS. Includes 2 New Valve Stems, New O-ring and New Nuts for Assembly

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2-Piece HEMTT Wheel (Wheel Only)

2-Piece HEMTT Wheel / Rim (Wheel Only). O-RIng, Valve Stem and Nuts Required.

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2-Piece HEMTT Wheel / Rim

Two Piece HEMTT Wheel / Rim.. Used on Oshkosh HEMTT. This item includes a rebuilt 2-Piece Wheel with a new valve stem, O-ring, and nuts. Hemmit


Universal Shrader Valve 1/4" NPT

Universal Shrader Valve with 1/4" Thread NPT


16.00R20 Michelin XZL on CTIS Wheel

100% Tread 16.00 x 20 Michelin XZL Super Single Tires mounted on CTIS Wheel / Rim used on the Oshkosh MTVR Truck.