Commercial Power Plants

Commercial and Industrial Diesel Standby Generators for sale. 

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Check out our reconditioning process for Commercial Power Plants!

Oshkosh Equipment Sales goes the extra mile to make your generator stand out from the rest. Many parts and components of your generator are replaced or re-built regardless of condition. Each unit gets complete fuel system cleaning along with all NEW radiator hoses, belts, fluids, filters and anything else the unit may need. Every function of each unit is tested and you can be sure the unit will operate as intended. Engines are tested and re-built as necessary. Turbos, Injection Pumps, Fuel Pumps, etc are all tested and re-built as needed. We know you want your equipment to work for you trouble free for a long time, and we takes steps to help guarantee that it does. 

Each and every generator goes through a full load test. We load our generators for several hours at varying loads to ensure proper function and durability.

You will find we excel in the market with very high standards and un-matched quality, service and support. Our experienced crew is here to work for you.