Hoses - Air Radiator and Cooling

Radiator Hoses and Tubes, Air Intake Hoses, Air Brake Hose and more. M911, M915, M916, and M920 Military Tractor Truck parts for sale. M35 and M35A2 Parts. M54 and M54A2 Parts. M809 and M939 Series parts for sale.

Transfer Case Cooler Oil Line Hose Set

Transfer Case Cooler Oil Lines. Used on M916 and M920 Military Vehicles.


Differential Lube Hose Set

Differential Lube Hoses. For Forward Rear Axle Lube Transfer. Used on M915 Series Military Trucks


Heater Air Hose

Heater Air Duct Hose for M715, M44 / M35, and M39 / M54 Series Military Vehicles.


CTIS Front Wheel Air Line to Valve Stem

Air Hose from Wheel Valve to Valve Stem on M939A2 5-Ton Military Trucks with Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS). This line is used on the front axles with 70PSI and 90 PSI Systems


Front Brake Chamber Air Line Hose W/O Spring

Air Brake Vent Hose W/O Spring to Front Brake Air Service Chamber. Used on All M939 Series 5 Ton Military Trucks

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Air Brake Hose Set

Set of all Air Brake hoses from Frame to Axles. Used on M939 Series 5-Ton Military Trucks. Will also fit M939A2 Series trucks but does not include the CTIS hoses.

M939 Air Brake Hose set