Miscellaneous Parts

Miscellaneous Parts

Transmission Shift Control (Shifter)

Transmission Shift Control. Fits M939 and M939A2 with Allison Automatic transmission

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Cargo Cover Tie Down Cord (Super Rope)

Cargo Cover Tie Down Cord. Used to tie down the Cargo Covers on 2.5 ton and 5-ton Military Cargo Trucks. Can also be used for Soft Cab Tops. 12 foot box requires approximately 60 feet, 14 foot box requires approximately 65 feet. This is just a guideline. Make sure to measure what you need before ordering. Cut lengths are not returnable.Sold by the Foot.


Steering Wheel for Military Vehicles (Black)

Black Replacement 20 Inch Diameter Steering Wheel for M series trucks and Equipment. Also Available in Green. See Related Items to order green.


Emergency Reflector Triangles without Case

Pack of 3 Roadside Emergency Reflector Triangles. These were removed from surplus military trucks. Some of them were never even used. These do not come with a storage box.


Axe Shovel Strap Set

Axe and Shovel Tool Strap for M35/M44 Series 2 1/2 Ton Military Vehicles.


MGS Battery Stowage Rack Strap

Strap for MGS Battery Stowage Rack on HMMWV

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Jerry Can Holder Bracket

Jerry Can Mounting Bracket

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Air Spring Brake Chamber Dust Cap

Protective Dust Cap for Cage Bolt Access Hole on Failsafe Brake Chambers. Used on M911, M915, M916, M917, M920 Military Trucks


NATO Slave Receptacle Cover

NATO Style Slave Receptacle Cover for Military Trucks and Vehicles. Fits M998 HMMWV, M923/M939 Series 5 Ton Trucks, M915 Series and CUCV.  Colors vary.


Large Valve Stem Adapter to Standard Size (MRAP WHEELS)

Valve Stem Adapter. Converts Large Valve Stems to Standard size to be filled and checked with standard automotive air chucks. Screws into internal threads on large stems. Used on MRAP Wheels / Rims, 10,000 pound and 6,000 pound Military Rough Terrain Forklifts


Dump Pivot Arm Assembly

Dump Pivot Roller Arm Assembly with Bearings and Rollers for M44/M35 Series 2.5 Ton Dump Trucks and M39/M54, M809, and M939 Series 5 Ton Military Dump Trucks.

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Dump Hoist Control Box Assembly

Dump Hoist Control Box Assembly for M51 and M817 Military 5 Ton Dump Trucks.


Dump Hydraulic Control Valve O-Ring

Replacement o-Ring for the hydraulic control valve on the M51, M51A2 M817, M47, M59, M342A2 Dump Trucks. Also fits other applications.


Dump Pivot Arm Bushing

Bushing for Pivot Arm on Military 2 1/2 Ton and 5 Ton Dump Trucks.


Dump Box Tailgate Pin

Tailgate Securing Pins for M44, M39, M809 and M939 Series Military Dump Trucks

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Muffler Bracket

Muffler Support Bracket. Used on M809 Series 5-Ton 6x6 Military Vehicles with NHC-250 Cummins Diesel Engine

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Drop Axle Lift Air Bag

Air Bag for lifting the Drop axle on the M917, M919, and M920 Model Military Trucks. See related items for Drop Axle Pusher Air Bag.


Alcohol Evap Bottle

Alcohol Evaporation Bottle for M911 Oshkosh Military Truck.


Compressed Air Governor Assembly

Air Governor Assembly (Pressure Regulator) Far Most Vehicles with On-Board Compressed Air Systems


Parking Brake and Clutch Return Spring (QB)

Parking Brake Return Spring and Clutch Return Spring for M39/M54 and M809 Series 5 Ton Military Trucks.