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Wheels, Rims and Tires for Military Trailers. New and Used Wheels for M747 60-Ton Trailer and M989 Heavy Expanded Mobility Trailers.

15/19.5 Firestone Transport Duplex Tire

NOS Firestone 15-19.5 (15x19.5) Transport Duplex Tire. Stored inside. Tires are mounted on M989 Trailer Wheel. Tires are takeoffs and have some minor checking and rash from storage.  We are not responsible for damage caused by dismounting and re-mounting.  No returns or exceptions.

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15-19.5 Firestone Transport Duplex Tire on M747 Trailer Wheel

Unused NOS Firestone 15-19.5 Transport Duplex Tire Mounted on Used M747 (60-Ton Lowboy) Trailer Wheel. Used tires listed are GENERAL TIRE AND have varying tread. Suitable for service or spare. Used tires sold As Is.

Tire Rim Diameter: 19.5"
Overall Diameter: 40.12"
Mounting Hole Diameter: 0.938-0.948"
Pilot Hole Diameter: 8.665"
Offset: 9.44
Load Range: G
14 Ply Rating
19/32's is 100% Tread

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15/19.5 Inner Tube

15-19.5 Inner Tube with TR218A Valve Stem. Can be used on Firestone Transport Duplex Tires on the M747 Trailer.

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15x19.5 tube

M989 Trailer Wheel / Rim

Wheel / Rim. 19.5 x 12.25. Used on M989 Military Ammunition Trailer. Wheels are unused but have had tires mounted previously.