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Wheels, Rims, Tires, Valve Stems, O-Rings, Military Takeoff Tires, Combat Wheels, HEMTT Wheels, Michelin Tires, Goodyear Tires, Non-Directional Military Truck Tires.

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2-Piece Combat Wheel W/ Valve Stem

New Old Stock 2-Piece Tubeless Combat Wheel. Includes nuts, bolts, O-ring.  Fits 5 Ton 6x6 Military Trucks.

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MRAP Wheel / Rim

MRAP Wheel. Tubeless wheel 20 x 10. Can be used on Rockwell 2.5 Ton Axles with Adapter Plate.


335mm 10 bolt circle

280 MM pilot

4.5 offset

Load limit 14,500

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3-Piece HEMTT Wheel / Rim

Three Piece HEMTT Wheel. Used on Oshkosh HEMTT. Can be used with 16.00R20 (1600R20) Tires for 5 Ton Super Single Upgrade. Tube and Flap Required. Offset 2.25 inches

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M1070 Wheel Assembly

2 Piece Wheel Assembly. Used on M1070 Military Trucks with CTIS. Includes 2 New Valve Stems, New O-ring and New Nuts for Assembly

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Spare Tire Carrier Retainer Nut

Spare Tire Carrier Retainer Nut. Used on all M939 Series 5-Ton Military 6x6 Trucks

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Spare Tire Davit Truck Boom Hoist

Spare Tire Lifting Boom. Used on M939 and M939A1 Series 6x6 Military Trucks

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Spare Tire Chain Hoist

Spare Tire Chain Hoist for M939 Series 5 Ton Military Trucks.


Air Hose Chuck Tire Pressure Filler

Tire Pressure Filler with gauge. Works with any truck with glad hands and on board air system. NOS Shown in pictures. Used items may show wear.

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Ratchet Budd Wheel Lug Wrench

Geared multiplier bud wheel lug and stud wrench
1-1/2 HEX and 13/16 Square

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Wheel Lug Nut

Wheel Lug Nuts for CUCV and HMMWV Trucks


Large Valve Stem Adapter to Standard Size (MRAP WHEELS)

Valve Stem Adapter. Converts Large Valve Stems to Standard size to be filled and checked with standard automotive air chucks. Screws into internal threads on large stems. Used on MRAP Wheels / Rims, 10,000 pound and 6,000 pound Military Rough Terrain Forklifts


Michelin Valve Stem for HEMTT Tube Type Tires / Wheels

Replacement Valve Stem with Sel for Michelin Inner Tube used on HEMTT Military Trucks with tube type wheels. 


Wheel Counterweight M35A3 with CTIS

Wheel Counterweight M35A3 with CTIS


CTIS Wheel Cover M35A3

CTIS Wheel Assembly Cover. Used on M35A3 Series Military Vehicles

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2-Piece Combat Wheel

New Old Stock 2-Piece Tubeless Combat Wheel. Includes nuts bolts and O-ring. Fits 5 Ton 6x6 Military Trucks.


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2-Piece HEMTT Wheel (Wheel Only)

2-Piece HEMTT Wheel / Rim (Wheel Only). O-RIng, Valve Stem and Nuts Required.


2-Piece HEMTT Wheel / Rim

Two Piece HEMTT Wheel / Rim.. Used on Oshkosh HEMTT. This item includes a rebuilt 2-Piece Wheel with a new valve stem, O-ring, and nuts. Hemmit


CTIS Front Wheel Air Line to Valve Stem

Air Hose from Wheel Valve to Valve Stem on M939A2 5-Ton Military Trucks with Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS). This line is used on the front axles with 70PSI and 90 PSI Systems

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Military Take off Hutchinson RunFlat / Bead Lock. Fits 20" x 10" Rims. Use with 395/80-R20 tires HUTCHINSON INDUSTRIES INC. DIV D

Inside Diameter: 20" 
Outside Diameter: 32"
Thickness: 7 5/8"

Face Width: 6.25"

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16.00R20 Michelin XZL on CTIS Wheel

100% Tread 16.00 x 20 Michelin XZL Super Single Tires mounted on CTIS Wheel / Rim used on the Oshkosh MTVR Truck.

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