Cooling System, Water Pump, Radiator, Thermostat, Block Heater

Engine Coolant Parts for Military Vehicles. Cooling Fans, Water Pumps, Cummins Block Heaters, Oil Coolers, and Temperature Senders for multiple truck models.

Upper Radiator Fan Shroud

Upper Radiator Fan Shroud M915 Series ( 14-20 Ton) 


Oshkosh M1070 HET PM Filter Kit (4910015231408)

Filter Kit Used on M1070 with Detroit 8V92 Diesel Engine

Includes Fuel Filter, Air Filter, Coolant Filter, Fuel Water Separator, Gasket, Oil Filter and Hydraulic Filter

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M915 Radiator Cooling AXIAL FAN IMPELLER

Engine Radiator Cooling Fan Impeller - part number: 197632. Fits all trucks in the M915 Series. See fits below for your application

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M1070 Filter Fluid Filter Kit

Fluid Filter Kit for M1070.  Includes Remote Transmission Filter, Oil Filter, Coolant Filter, Primary and Secondary Fuel Filters.  The price listed is 20% less than purchasing individual filters.

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Thermo Fan Switch

Thermo Switch for  HMMWV  Part Numbers: 12338599, 9705400, 5594181. NSN: 5930012377322