Lights - Headlights, Tail, Directional Turn Signals

Military Truck Head Lights, Tail Lights, Turn Lights, Directional Lights, Blackout Lights, Marker Lights, Head Lamp, Bulbs, Reflectors, Spot Lights, Parking Lights and Indicator Lights. 5 Ton and 2.5 Ton Military Truck parts. Parts for Military and Civilian Jeep. HEMTT and M1070 HET Oshkosh Truck Parts and more.

Directional Light Switch (Turn Signal)

Replacement Directional Light Switch used on M915 Series AM General and M911 Oshkosh Trucks. May fit many other applications.


Directional Light Flasher Control Box

Turn Signal Flasher for most Military Vehicles. Solid State... Fits M35, M39, M809, M939, M150, M37 HMMWV and more


Flasher, Turn Signal

Turn Signal Flasher used on M915 and M915A1 Military Vehicles


Headlight Dimmer Switch w / Metal Connectors

Headlight Dimmer Foot Switch for Older M-Series Military Vehicles using the Metal Cup Style Electrical Connectors. Fits M38A1, M37, M39 Series and More


Three Lever Headlight Switch

Three Lever Light Switch used on Most Military Vehicles Including 2.5 Ton M35, 5-Ton M54, M809, M939 series along with CUCV, Gama Goat, M151, M715, Rough Terrain Forklifts and many other Military Trucks and Vehicles.


Handle for Three Lever Headlight Switch

Lever for 3 Lever Head light Switch.


Headlight Switch

Head Light Switch for M915 Series Military Trucks


Tail / Brake Light Assembly

Tail / Brake Light Assembly. Used on M915 and M915A1 Series Military Vehicles. 12 Volt


Headlight 24V Headlamp Head Light Lamp Bulb

This sealed beam headlamp fits most military vehicles with 24 volt system. This Lamp has the rubber bullet connectors as shown in the pictures but will work in place of the style with the metal cup connectors.


Headlight Assembly

Complete Replacement Headlight Assembly. Fits M977 HEMTT, M998 HMMWV, M35, M39, M809 and M939 Series 2.5-Ton and 5-Ton Military Vehicles


Headlight Assembly

Headlight Assembly for M915 Series Military Trucks.

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Headlight Lamp Trim Retaining Ring

Headlight Retaining Ring for most Military Trucks and Vehicles.

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Rubber Headlamp Mount

Head Light Rubber Mounting Vibration Damper. Used on Most M-Series Military Trucks


Headlight Mount

Headlight Mount for M911 Military Trucks.


Headlight Sealed Beam

Sealed Beam Headlamp. Fits M915 Series and M880 Military Vehicles


Headlight Sealed Beam 24V (28V)

Sealed Beam Headlight Bulb 24 Volt. Fits M911 C-HET Oshkosh Truck Corporation


Wrecker / Forklift Spotlight Bulb Lamp (24V)

Spot Light Bulb for Rough Terrain Military Forklifts and Wrecker/Recovery Vehicles. Will work in place of MS18006-4572 on Wreckers.

60W, 1600 Candlepower Rating


Work Light Bulbs Spot

Work Light Bulbs Sealed Beam Spot. Fits M911 C-HET and M977 HEMTT


Universal 24V Nordic Work Light

Universal 24 Volt Nordic Work Light

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Low Air Pressure Warning Indicator Light / Lamp

Low Air Pressure Indicator Warning Light for M915 and M915A1 Series Military Trucks