Exhaust Parts

Military Truck Exhaust Parts. Mufflers, Exhaust Pipes, Tail Pipes, and Muffler / Exhaust Clamps for 5-Ton Trucks, 2.5-Ton Trucks, and many others.

Exhaust J-Pipe Multi Fuel 5-Ton

Exhaust "J" Pipe used on M39 Series 5 tons with Multi-fuel Engines.


Exhaust Gasket

Exhaust Gasket for Multifuel 2 1/2 Ton Truck. Used on M44 Military 6x6 Trucks with Multi-Fuel Diesel Engine


Exhaust "J" Pipe

Replacement "J" Exhaust pipe for all M809 series Military Vehicles and Trucks with Cummins NHC-250 Diesel Engine.


Muffler (Exhaust Silencer)

Muffler for all M809 series Military Vehicles and Trucks with Cummins NHC-250 Cummins Diesel Engine.


Exhaust Muffler Gasket

Gasket for Muffler on M809 Series Military Trucks. 2 Required to R&R Muffler.

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Muffler Bracket

Muffler Support Bracket. Used on M809 Series 5-Ton 6x6 Military Vehicles with NHC-250 Cummins Diesel Engine

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Muffler Retaining Bracket Strap

Muffler Retaining Bracket Strap. Used on M809 Series 5-Ton Military 6x6 Trucks with Cummins NHC 250 Diesel Engine

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Muffler (Exhaust Silencer)

Muffler for All M939 and M939A2 Series Military Vehicles. Used on trucks with 855cid Cummins NHC 250 and 504.5cid Cummins 6CTA8.3


Exhaust Clamp

Exhaust Clamp for M939 and M44A3/M35A3 Series Military Trucks.


Exhaust Pipe Gasket

Exhaust Pipe Gasket for M939 and M44A3/M35A3 Series Military Trucks.

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Exhaust Pipe (from exhaust manifold to under cab)

Exhaust pipe for M939 series Military Trucks. Does not fit M939A2 vehicles.


Exhaust Pipe (Under Cab To Muffler)

Replacement exhaust pipe for all M939 series Military Trucks. Also used on M939A1 and M939A2


Exhaust Pipe Stack

Application unknown. Fits onto a 4 inch pipe.


Exhaust Pipe Stack (except Dump/Tractor)

Exhaust Stack for on M939 series Military Vehicles and M35A3 Trucks. Not the correct part for M939 Dump Truck Or Tractor


Exhaust Stack Short (Dump/Tractor)

Exhaust Stack Pipe for M939 series Dump Trucks And Tractors. Used on M939, M939A1 and M939A2 series Military Vehicles


Exhaust Manifold Retaining Strap

Exhaust Manifold Retaining Strap. Used on M809, M915 and M939 Series Military Vehicles. Fits NHC-250, NTC-400 and other 855 Cummins Diesel Engines


Exhaust Bracket

Exhaust Bracket for all M939, M939A1 and M939A2 series Military Trucks.


Exhaust Pipe Gasket

GASKET: exhaust pipe to extension and extension to muffler flange. Used on M38 and M38A1 Military Willys Jeeps


M911 Exhaust Pipe from Flex Pipe to muffler

Replacement Exhaust Pipe for M911 from Flex Pipe to Muffler


Exhaust Strap Clamp

Strap Style Exhaust Clamp used on M915 Series Military Trucks