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Filters for Military Trucks and Vehicles. Filter kits available to easily replace every filter on your truck. New Replacement and New Old Stock NOS Filters for sale

Oshkosh M1070 HET PM Filter Kit (4910015231408)

Filter Kit Used on M1070 with Detroit 8V92 Diesel Engine

Includes Fuel Filter, Air Filter, Coolant Filter, Fuel Water Separator, Gasket, Oil Filter and Hydraulic Filter


Transmission Hydraulic Governor Filter

Transmission Hydraulic Governor Filter. Fits M939 Series Military Vehicles with Allison MT654CR Automatic Transmission.


Oshkosh M1070 HETT Vehicular Maintenance Kits (2940L0010)

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HEMTT Maintenance Kit (Detroit Engine)

HEMTT Maintenance Kit for vehicles equipped with Detroit Diesel Engines

Includes oil, primary and secondary air, fuel, fuel water separator, hydraulic filter (in tank), hydraulic filter external, filter bypass screen, transmission filters, gaskets, washers, lock washers, seals, spacers and packing.

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M1070 Filter Fluid Filter Kit

Fluid Filter Kit for M1070.  Includes Remote Transmission Filter, Oil Filter, Coolant Filter, Primary and Secondary Fuel Filters.  The price listed is 20% less than purchasing individual filters.


Hydraulic Filter (fits HEMTT and PLS)

Hydraulic Filter fits HEMTT and PLS