Gauges, Sending Units, Switches, Valves, Relays and Solenoids

Gages, Switches, Knobs, Indicator Lights and other dash parts. Control and Relay Valves, Fuel and Pressure Senders for Military Trucks, M-Series Parts, Civilian Jeep, CUCV Parts, M880 Dodge Parts, HEMTT, and many more Military Truck Parts for Sale.

Fan Clutch Thermostat Shutterstat

NOS (NEW OLD STOCK) or New Replacement Fan Clutch Thermostat Actuator for M939 / M939A1 Series and M915 Series Military Vehicles. Does not fit M939A2. See related items for this part.


Fan Clutch Thermostat Shutterstat

Thermostatically controlled Air Switch for controlling the Engagement of the Fan Clutch. Used on M939A2 Military Vehicles See Related Items for M939 and M939A1 Shutterstat


Air Pressure Gauge (0-120PSI)

Air Pressure Indicator Meter Gauge (0-120PSI). Used on M44, M39 and M809 Series Military 6x6 Trucks


Temperature Gauge (120-240 degree)

Temp Gauge for Most Military Trucks and Equipment


Transmission Temperature Gauge (100-325 F)

Transmission Temperature Gauge (100-325 F). Used on M939 Series and M35A3 Military 6x6 Trucks with Allison Automatic Transmission

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Temperature Gauge

Temperature Gauge. Used on 1941-1947 Willys Jeep MB, GPW and CJ2A


Fuel Gauge

Fuel Gauge. Used on 1945-64 Willys Jeep CJ-2A, CJ-3A, CJ-3B. 12V (12 Volt)


Fuel Level Indicator Gauge Meter (Gas Diesel)

Fuel Level Indicator Gauge for most military Trucks and Equipment


Oil Pressure Gauge 0-120 PSI

Oil Pressure Gauge 0-120 PSI. Used on M39, M44, M809 and M939 Series Vehicles with Electric Oil Pressure Gauge


Oil Pressure Gauge 0-60 PSI

0-60 PSI Oil Pressure Gauge used in Military Trucks and Equipment. 


Oil Pressure Gauge

Replacement Oil Pressure Gauge. Used on 1941-1945 Jeep MB, 1941-1945 Ford GPW, 1945-1947 Jeep CJ2A


Battery Condition Volt Gauge

Battery Condition Gage. This Volt Meter is used on Many Military Vehicles and Equipment


Air Filter Condition Indicator

Air Filter Condition Indicator. Used on M44, M39, M809, M939 Military Trucks along with other Military Equipment


Ampere (AMP) Gauge for early CJ Jeeps and Willy's MB

2" Inline Amp Meter. Used on Early Jeep CJ and MB Models. Used on 1941-1964 MB, 1941-1964 MB, 1941-1945 GPW, 1946-1949 CJ2A, 1949-1953 CJ3A, 1953-1964 CJ3B. To be used direct inline without Shunt


Speedometer 0-60 MPH

0-60 MPH Speedometer Head. Used in Most Military Trucks and Vehicles


Tachometer 0-4000 RPM

Tachometer 0-4000 RPM with Built in Hour Meter. Used in M39, M809, M44 and M939 Series Military Vehicles. Does Not fit M35A3


Hydraulic Tank Sightglass

Hydraulic Tank Sight Glass used on Winch Hydraulic System Tank on M916, M920 and other M915 Series Military Vehicles.

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Heater Fan Speed Switch

Heater Fan Speed Switch. Used on M939 Series 5-Ton Military 6x6 Trucks

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Handle for Three Lever Headlight Switch

Lever for 3 Lever Head light Switch.


Fuel Pressure Safety Switch Ether lock-out

Fuel Pressure Safety Switch Ether lock-out. Used on M939 Series 5-Ton Military 6x6 Vehicles to prevent engine cranking while engine is running

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