Body - Special Purpose

Parts for Special Purpose Body Trucks. Military Dump and Wrecker / Recovery Trucks. Parts for 5 Ton Dump Trucks M51, M51A2, M817, M929, M929A2 and 5 Ton Wrecker Parts for M543A2, M816, and M936. Many more parts for Military Trucks with non-standard body type.

Driver's Seat Bottom Bracket Screw

Screw for Mounting Driver Seat Bottom Cushion to the Seat Bracket on M939 and M809 Series Military Trucks.


Driver's Seat Back Screws

Screws for the Driver Seat Backrest Cushion on M939 and 809 Series Military Trucks.


Troop Seat Locking Pin Spring Clip

Spring Clips for holding down the Troop Seat Locking Pin on Drop-Side Trucks. Also Used on Cowel Panel to hold down The Hood Safety Latch Bar


Dimmer Switch Mounting Cover Plate

Dimmer Switch Mounting Cover Plate for M151.


MGS Battery Stowage Rack Strap

Strap for MGS Battery Stowage Rack on HMMWV


Glove Box Latch Catch Rim

Loop for Glove Box Latch Part Number 91-99-111-12 on M1083 and M1078 Series Military Trucks.


Fuel Tank Strap Rubber Seal Gasket

Gasket for Fuel Tank Straps on HMMWV. They are 12-5/8" long each and will accommodate a 1-3/4 " wide strap and can be cut to fit application.


3 1/2'' Fifth Wheel Assembly Heavy Haul

3 1/2" Throat Heavy Haul Tractor 5th Wheel Hitch Assembly for M916 and M920 Military Trucks.

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2'' Fifth Wheel Assembly

Standard 2" Throat Tractor 5th Wheel Assembly for M52, M818, M931, and M932 5 Ton Military Trucks.

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Fifth Wheel Ramp LH

Drivers Side 5th Wheel Ramp for M916 and M920 Military Tractor Trucks.


Fifth Wheel Ramp RH

Passenger Side 5th Wheel Ramp for M916 and M920 Military Tractor Trucks.

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3 1/2'' Heavy Haul Tractor Fifth Wheel

3 1/2" (3.5") Throat Heavy Haul Tractor 5th Wheel Hitch Plate

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NATO Slave Receptacle Cover

NATO Style Slave Receptacle Cover for Military Trucks and Vehicles. Fits M998 HMMWV, M923/M939 Series 5 Ton Trucks, M915 Series and CUCV. 

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Ammo Rack Mounting Plate

Ammo Rack Mounting Bracket for Lt. Howitzer, 105 MM L119


Door Latch LH Front RH Rear

Driver's Side Front Door Latch and Passenger Side Rear Door Latch for HMMWV


Catch, Clamping Latch

Storage box latch for M1083 Series Military Vehicles



Door Latch Linkage Retaining Clip. Used on Military HMMWV Vehicles


Cargo Shell Spring

Spring for Cargo Shell Assembly on M998 HMMWV

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Shifter Dust Boot

Shifter Dust Boot for M54, M809, and M35A1 and M35A2. New replacement boot is aftermarket.

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Towing Shackle Clevis Ring

Towing Shackle for M915, M915A1, M916, M917, M918, M919, and M920 Military Trucks. See related items for matching pin

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