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Throttle Cables, Choke, Engine Stop, Winch Control, PTO Control Cables and many others. Cables for M809 and M939 Series Trucks with NHC-250 Diesel Engine and Parts for M35 Deuce with LDT-465-1C and LDS-427-2 Multi-Fuel Engine and many other models of Military Vehicles.

Parking Brake Cable

Parking Brake Control Cable for M39 and M809 Series Military Trucks


Hand Parking Brake Cable with Handle

Hand Brake Cable with Handle. Used on Military Ford Jeep MB, GPW and CJ2A


Replacement Wrecker Bed Throttle PTO Cable

Replacement PTO Throttle Control Cable for Military Wrecker/Recovery Vehicles. Standard 300 inch cable. Cut to length. Does not connect to original throttle lever, uses built in handle instead.

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172 inch Push Pull Control Cable

172 inch Push Pull Control PTO Cable. See Pics for Details. Unknown Application

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M915 Series Ambilical Cord for Shifter and Transmission (Ratio Selector)

m915 series shifter control air lines. Fits M915 Series Military Trucks with Caterpillar 7155 Power Shift Transmission

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Choke Cable

Choke Cable for M151 Military Vehicles.


Defrost Control Cable

Defrost Control Cable for M809 Series 5 Ton Military Trucks.


Transmission Kick Down Modulator Cable Retaining Clamp

Transmission Kick Down Modulator Cable Retaining Clamp. Used on Many Military Vehicles


Kick Down Modulator Cable

Transmission Kick Down Modulator Cable. Fits M939 and M939A1 Series 5 Ton Military Vehicles. Does not fit M939A2 Trucks

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Front Winch and Dump Box Control Cable Clamp

Clamp for Front Winch Control Cable and Dump Box Control Cable.

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Wrecker Bed Throttle PTO Control Lever

PTO Throttle Control Cable Lever for M543 and M816 Military Wrecker Trucks

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Throttle Control Cable

Throttle Control Cable used on M809 series 5 Ton Military Trucks

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