Brake - Air Brake, Hydraulic Brake, Shoes and ABS

Military Vehicle Brake Parts for sale. Brake Shoes, Springs, and Hydrovacs. Selection of Rebuilt, Used, or NOS Army Surplus Parts for sale. Brake parts for Willys Jeep, HMMWV, Deuce, 5 Ton, HEMTT, and many more!

Rear Air Brake Spring Chamber

Replacement Air Brake Spring Chamber for Rear Tandem Axles. Fits M911 C-HET Oshkosh Truck Corporation. Does Not include Clevis Yoke


Air Brake Roto Chamber (10 Ton)

Air Brake Chamber (Roto-Chamber) for M123 10 Ton Military Truck.


Air Spring Brake Chamber Dust Cap

Protective Dust Cap for Cage Bolt Access Hole on Failsafe Brake Chambers. Used on M911, M915, M916, M917, M920 Military Trucks


Fail-Safe Spring Brake Chamber Clamp

Clamp for Fail Safe Spring Brake Chamber Assembly on M939 Series Trucks, M911 Oshkosh Trucks, M747 Trailers, and M967 Trailers.


Spring Brake Air Chamber Yoke Clevis

Spring Brake Air Chamber Yoke Clevis. Connecting link for Air Brake Spring Brake Chamber Rod to Slack Adjuster. Fits M915 Series Military Trucks


Brake Chamber Diaphragm (Front Axle)

Front Axle Brake Chamber Diaphragm for M916, M917, M918, M919, M920 and M911 Model Military Trucks. Does not fit M915

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Brake Chamber Diaphragm (Pusher Axle)

Brake Chamber Diaphragm for Pusher Axle on M917, M919, and M920 Military Trucks with Cummins NTC-400 Diesel Engine. Replacement Diaphragm for chamber P/N 12357812.

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Brake Chamber Air Diaphragm

Replacement Air Brake Chamber Diaphragm. Used on Military Trucks and Trailers with Air Brakes


Pusher Axle Air Brake Chamber Housing

Pusher Axle Air Brake Chamber Housing. Used on M911 Oshkosh Truck C-HET 22.5 Ton Tractor

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Brake Backing Plate Dust Shield

Brake Backing Plate for M939 Series Military Vehicles with Air Brakes. Also used on some M967 Trailers


Brake Lock Air Valve (Wrecker)

Air Brake Lock Valve. Used on M936 Wrecker Military Vehicle. Used to Lock all Brakes while working with crane or winching operations.

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Front Air Brake Hose W/ Spring

Air Brake Hose for M939 Series 5 Ton Military Trucks. From Frame to Front Brake Chamber, W/ Spring.

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Front Axle Spider Brake Assembly (Left)

Front Axle Spider Brake Assembly (Left). Used on M939 Series 5-Ton 6x6 Military Vehicles


Brake Parts Kit

Brake Repair Parts Kit T-4611K. Fits Front and Rear Wedge Style Brakes on M939 Series 5-Ton Military Vehicles.


2) 1205-C-2005 (5330-01-271-9347) seal

2) A-2297-V-5326 (2530-01-271-7084) Adjuster

2) A-3280-V-8186 (3040-04-280-4156) Pawl

2) 2758-W-127 (5360-00-482-4422) Spring

2) A1779M195 (2530-01-351-4061) Plunger Guide


Brake Shoe

Brake Shoe with Lining. Used on M39 and M809 Series 5-Ton 6x6 Military Trucks with Air over Hydraulic Brakes. Also Fits some Military Trailers with Hydraulic Brakes. Allow up to one week for this item to ship

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Brake Return Spring

Brake Return Spring. Service Brake Mounting Backing Plate. Used on M39 and M809 Series 5-Ton 6x6 Military Trucks with Air over Hydraulic Brakes. Also fits some Military Trailers 

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Brake Shoe Pivot Retaining C Washer

Brake Shoe Pivot Retaining "C" Washer for M39/M54 and M809 Series Military Trucks. Also fits some Military Trailers.


Brake Shoe Retainer Parts Kit

Brake Shoe Retainer Parts Kit for M39 and M809 Series 5-Ton Military Vehicles


Brake Shoe Bushing

Brake Shoe Bushing for M809 and Multifuel 5 Ton Military Trucks. 


Air Pack Hydrovac Brake Booster

Limited supply of NOS units available until gone. Air over Hydraulic Brake Booster (Air Pack) for all M39 and M809 Series Military Vehicles