Filters - Air Filters, Oil Filters, Fuel Filters

Filters for Military Generators. Filter Kits available to easily replace every filter on your Generator. Filters for 5kW, 10kW, 15kW, 30kW, 60kW, 100kW, 200kW, 500kW MEP029A, and 750kW MEP208A.

Air Filter Element

Air Filter Element. Used on 30KW and 60KW (800 Series) Military Generators


Fuel Filter / Water Separator

Fuel Filter / Water Separator. Used on 30KW Military (800 Series) Generators with MODEL 4045TF151
4 CYLINDER, 4.5 LITER John Deere Diesel Engine


Air Filter Element

Air Intake Filter for 5KW MEP802A and 10KW MEP803A Military Generators


Primary Fuel Filter Cartridge

Primary Fuel Filter Cartridge. Used on MEP802A and MEP803A Military Generators.


Oil Filter Spin On Cartridge

Oil Filter Spin On Cartridge, Fits MEP802A and MEP803A Military Diesel Generators


M915 Service Kit

Filter/Service Kit for M915 and M915A1, includes filters for both M915 and M915A1. 

Includes the following parts:

(1) Oil Filter 2940-01-019-4513 
(1) Air Filter (secondary) 2940-01-065-8396
(1) Fuel Filter 2910-00-304-3427  
(1) Air Filter (Primary) 2940-01-066-1327
(1) Oil Filter Cartridge 2940-00-316-1413 
(1) Transmission Filter(M915 Only) 2940-00-221-3470 
(1) Oil Filter 2940-01-145-9455
(1) Coolant Filter 4330-00-274-4712 
(1) Fuel Filter 2910-01-146-1099   
(1) Magnetic Screen Filter 2940-01-077-1084 
(1) Air Drier - 4440-01-081-1391  This kit includes the Filter P/N 285627, the 2 disc filters P/N 283675, the nut P/N 400D612, and the bag of beads P/N 290746.


M35A2 Filter Kit M44A2 Series

Filter Kit for M35A2 Series 2.5 Ton Trucks with Multi-fuel engine. 

Kit Includes:

(1) - Air Filter

(2) - Oil Filters

(1) - Primary Fuel Filter

(2) - Secondary Fuel Filters

(2) - Oil Filter O-Rings


Fuel Filter Strainer Mounting Copper Washer

Fuel Strainer Cartridge Mounting Copper Washer for MEP-004A 15KW, MEP-005A 30KW, MEP-006A 60KW, MEP-007A 100KW, MEP-009A 200KW Military Generator Sets

Starting from $1.22

Generator Fuel Strainer Cup Retaining Cap Nut

Generator Fuel Strainer Cup Retaining Cap Mounting Nut. Used on MEP Military Diesel Generators