Winch Parts, Wire Rope, Cable Ends, Chains, Pulley Blocks, Accessories

Winches, Winch Cable Rollers, Bearings, Winch Motors, Winch Clevis Sockets, and Snatch Blocks. Repair parts for 6x6 Army Trucks. M813A1, M817, M925, M928, M932 5 Ton Trucks and more.

PTO Mounting Gasket (.020)

PTO mounting Gasket and Power Take Off Cover Gasket for trucks without PTO for M39, M809, M35, M939 and M915 series. See other gaskets for Shimming Gaskets.


Front Winch Drum Seal (Large Drum)

Oil Seal for Large end of Winch Drum for Front Winch on M39, M809 and M939 Series 5-Ton Military Trucks.



Oil Seal for Small end of Winch Drum for Front Winch on M39, M809 and M939 Series 5-Ton Military Trucks.


Front Winch Seal (Input Shaft)

Input Shaft Seal for Front Winch on M39, M809 and M939 Series Military Trucks. Also Internal Seal On 2.5 Ton (M35) Front Winch.


Wrecker Rear Winch Input Shaft Seal

Wrecker Rear Winnch Input Shaft Seal for 5-ton Military Wreckers. M39, M809 and M939 Series Trucks.

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Front Winch Seal (Large Drum) Repair Speedy Sleeve

Repair Sleeve for worn Seal bearing surface on Front Winch Drum. Used on M39, M809 and M939 Series Trucks with Front Mounted Winch. See Related Items for Matching Seal

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Front Winch Protruding Side Shaft Seal

This seal fits 5-ton Front Winches that have the Main Drum Shaft Protruding out the side of the winch. We have seen very few of these, but they do Exist. We have no corresponding Military Part number associated with this part. This Item usually ships in 2-5 days.


Hydraulic Motor Shaft Seal o-ring (Wrecker)

Not in Parts Books. Seals the shaft on M543, M809 and M936 Military Wrecker Hydraulic Motors that drive the Turntable and Hoist Winch


Oil Seal Winch Drum (Opposite of Drive End)

Oil Seal for M35 Winch Drum (Opposite of Drive End) 

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Oil Seal for Constant Velocity (CV) Boot On Military 5-Ton Wreckers

Oil Seal for Rotating End of the Rubber Boot covering the Constant Velocity Joint to the Power Divider Gearcase. Fits M39 and M809 Series 5-Ton Military Wrecker

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Wrecker Hoist Winch Oil Seal

Crane Boom Hoist Winch Assembly Gearbox Drum Shaft Oil Seal. Used on M543, M816 and M936 5-Ton Military Wrecker Recovery Trucks


Winch Shift Shaft Seal

Front Winch Engage Shift Shaft Seal for 5-Ton Military Trucks. Fits M39, M809 and M939 Series trucks with Front Mounted Winch. Also used on Rear mounted winch on M756A2


Winch Oil Seal (Engagement Lever)

Winch Oil Seal for M35 Seals Shaft for Manual Engagement Lever


Winch Oil Seal (Worm Gear Shaft/Input Shaft)

Winch Oil Seal for M44/M35 Series Worm Gear Shaft/Input Shaft


Front Winch Drum lock Pin Poppet (QB)

Poppet Pin Drum Lock for Front Winch on 5 Ton Military Trucks and M35 / M44 Series 2.5 Ton Trucks.


Hydraulic Filter Element

Hydraulic Filter for M939 Series Military Trucks with Hydraulic winch or Dump Hydraulic System


Hydraulic Tank Sightglass

Hydraulic Tank Sight Glass used on Winch Hydraulic System Tank on M916, M920 and other M915 Series Military Vehicles.


Hydraulic Tank (Reservoir) Spin-on Hydraulic Filter

Hydraulic Tank (Reservoir) Spin-on Hydraulic Filter. Fits M911 C-HET Oshkosh Truck Corporation

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Bar Assembly Hoisting Wiffle Tree

Bar Assembly Hoisting Wiffle Tree. This item is Basic Issue for M543, M816 and M936 Military Wrecker / Recovery Vehicles. Used for lifting operations using the 10,000 pound Rotating Hydraulic Crane

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Front Winch Chain and Hook 2.5 ton

Chain and Hook Assembly for Front Winch on 2.5 Ton Military Trucks. This does not include the Socket. See related items for this part.

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